Honey cream with blueberries

Blueberries contain organic acids, micro and macro elements, tannins, essential oil, phytonutrients.

Honey cream with lingonberry

Lingonberry have no contraindication, so its use in folk medicine is very broad.

Honey cream with black currant

Black currant fruits are used as a tonic, they are useful for colds, infectious diseases, gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Honey cream with raspberry

Raspberry has long been known as an effective remedy. First, it has antipyretic and diaphoretic effects.

Honey cream with sea ​​buckthorn

The widest application of sea buckthorn is in medicine. It strengthens the walls of the vessels, making them less permeable, improves metabolism, has antioxidant properties.

Honey cream with milk

Honey cream with milk is meant to replace condensed milk with the same taste, just as honey is used instead of sugar and is healthier.

Honey-House SRL is a company created in 2015, but the history of honey production starts in 1978, when my grandpa first visited a apiary. Since then this has taken hold of the soul. He sent this love to his daughter, who in turn also gave it to me. Since 2015, it has been decided to invest in the creation and development of Honey-House SRL.

Multiflower honey – 20g, 250g, 920g

Since this honey is produced from the nectar of different flowers, therefore, it has different proprieties and its colour ranges from light yellow to dark orange.

Acacia honey – 250g, 920g

Acacia honey is one of the best-loved honeys by consumers for its pleasant taste and mild flavour.

Linden honey – 250g,920g

Linden tree honey refers to the most high quality varieties, being gathered solely from linden flowers. It has slightly yellow colour in liquid form, and crystallizes fast attaining almost white colour.