Honey cream

Honey cream with blueberries

Blueberries contain organic acids, micro and macro elements, tannins, essential oil, phytonutrients.

Honey cream with lingonberry

Lingonberry have no contraindication, so its use in folk medicine is very broad.

Honey cream with black currant

Black currant fruits are used as a tonic, they are useful for colds, infectious diseases, gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Honey cream with raspberry

Raspberry has long been known as an effective remedy. First, it has antipyretic and diaphoretic effects.

Honey cream with sea ​​buckthorn

The widest application of sea buckthorn is in medicine. It strengthens the walls of the vessels, making them less permeable, improves metabolism, has antioxidant properties.

Honey cream with milk

Honey cream with milk is meant to replace condensed milk with the same taste, just as honey is used instead of sugar and is healthier.

The consistency of flower honey cream reminds the chocolate cream. Therefore, it is always easy to extract it from any dish and spread on any surface. 
Cream-honey has a number of advantages over liquid honey. 
1. It can be recommended as a high-quality product throughout the year.
2. It always keeps its consistency suitable for spreading. 
3. After preparation it in cream form, cream-honey contains all the aromatic substances and the quality is not inferior to freshly extracted honey from the honey-combs. 
4. It is especially loved by housewives, as due to its consistency it does not stick to hands and does not leave stains on the tablecloth or clothes. 
5. Cream honey can be spread on bread with a layer thicker than jam or butter. Due to this, it becomes more attractive to children. Cream-honey is an excellent substitution of the popular chocolate creams.