Acacia honey – 250g, 920g

Acacia honey is one of the best-loved honeys by consumers for its pleasant taste and mild flavour. It contains 40% of fructose and 36% of glucose. In fresh state, it is totally transparent. The process of crystallization is very slow (about 1-2 years), but after that the honey has a cryptocrystalline structure and becomes milky white. If the nectar was gathered by the bees solely from flowers of white acacia, then obtained honey remains liquid for a long time. Acacia honey does not have strong antimicrobial effects, but it is known as a good stimulant. It can also be applied during a complex therapy for gastro intestinal, biliary and renal diseases. It is also recommended during the treatment of eyes diseases and upper respiratory tract diseases, such as bronchitis. It has a slight sedative effect, therefore, useful for insomnia. In addition, it is one of the few varieties that can be used by people suffering from digestion problems caused by hyperacidity.